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The CreatingWE® Institute is dedicated to helping clients understand how to create and achieve new benchmarks for success. Based on our suite of Catalyst Tools®, we partner with clients to custom design a transformational journey unique to their needs, and one that can profoundly engage and impact the entire organization. We use these Catalyst Tools® as a starting place and window through which to understand the organizational, team and individual dynamics.

Turning Insight Into Action

Based on our Catalyst Tools® Process, we shape a Leadership Journey that includes workshops, summits and one-of-a-kind meetings tailored to engage colleagues from all levels and divisions of the client company, to ensure a successful Co-creation of the business future together.

We gear our Conversational Consulting, Facilitating and Coaching, as well as subsequent workshops and summits toward opening an array of new perspectives and possibilities – ones that currently do not exist inside the client company. Our efforts serve to create and sustain a high level of esprit de corps – motivating and inspiring new avenues for growth and expansion while stimulating organic growth throughout the organization.


C-IQ (Conversational Intelligence) Catalyst Tool®

Our Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Catalyst Tool® is a fascinating easy to use tool that has incredibly insightful results. Individuals and teams can use this ‘quick study’ tool to see the patterns of conversational impact and engagement that we exercise as we interact at work. The tool can be used with thousands of people in an organization and can provide a cultural imprint of how people at work engage with each other. There are three ways to use the tool:

  1. Self-Catalyst Tool: Each person can use the C-IQ Catalyst Tool® to gauge the level of intelligent conversations they are having with others.
  2. 360 Catalyst Tool: An individual can use the C-IQ Catalyst Tool® as a 360 Tool. This would mean selecting people such as boss, peers, direct reports and others to give feedback on their level of C-IQ. This will provide a clearer picture of how the person is impacting others at work.
  3. Team Catalyst Tool: The Team C-IQ Catalyst Tool® provides a profile of a team’s level of C-IQ awareness. This tool can be used to help a team develop higher levels of C-IQ at work.

TRUST Catalyst Tool®

The Trust Catalyst Tool® is a unique tool for providing insights into how to measure and elevate trust in a team and organization. The 25-question survey can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. Self: Each person can take the tool to gauge the level of trust building skills they are aware of using and identifying skills, which need to be used more often to ensure trust with others.
  2. 360: An individual can use the TRUST Catalyst Tool® as a 360 by selecting people such as boss, peers, direct reports and others to measure that individual’s level of expressed trust. This will provide a clearer picture of how the person is impacting others across the trust continuum.
  3. Team: The Team Trust Catalyst Tool® provides a profile of a team’s level of perceived trust.  This tool can be used to help a team develop higher levels of trust across the 5 dimensions.

CreatingWE DNA Catalyst Tool®

The CreatingWE DNA Catalyst Tool® is a pioneering, customizable tool for identifying the level of Conversational Intelligence® in an organization or team, across the seven most important conversational dimensions:

  • C: How people connect across the organization (Connecting)
  • H: How people build healthy relationships (Humanizing)
  • A: How people create aspirations for the future (Aspiring)
  • N: How people collaborate (Navigating)
  • G: How people innovate (Generating)
  • E: How people develop ‘voice’ in the organization (Expressing)
  • S: How people celebrate success (Synchronizing)

The CreatingWE DNA Catalyst Tool® offers leaders and teams state of the art technology for clarifying and optimally shaping their unique culture and organizational dynamics for higher levels of Conversational Intelligence® and for business success. The Tool identifies what conversational patterns are opening the space for elevated engagement and what conversational patterns are blocking success.

Most extraordinary is the ability of the CreatingWE DNA Catalyst Tool®  to measure an organization’s levels of trust and alignment toward a shared vision for the future – across seven, vital success dimensions, and 49 behaviors – leading to breakthrough business results.

How to Get Started?
Contact us to discuss how to use this innovative tool to create a shared understanding and to clarify the action steps individuals, teams and the whole organization can take and see immediate results. We’ll work with you to create Executive Briefings, Team Workshops, Summits and enable you to create a Journey Map to catalyze change. The results will have a permanent impact on your Organizational and Leadership DNA.

“Leadership council was a dream come true. The feedback has been even better than expected.”

Angela Ahrendts,
CEO, Burberry

“We had a brilliant program and you helped me bring something extraordinary to fruition. The feedback is great and gives us something to build on.”

— Burberry

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