Conversational Intelligence® Leaders

Under the leadership of our co-founder, Richard D. Glaser, PhD, The CreatingWE® Institute works with organizations seeking to enhance their brand stature and leadership strengths in the face of ever-increasing competitive challenges.

Conversational Intelligence® Leaders

Headed by María Escobar-Bordyn - Debra, Rhonda, Ute and Wendy - all have many years of working closely with Judith by successfully employing Conversational Intelligence® with senior management, corporate teams and large organizations, both private and public.  Nicklas is The CreatingWE Institute’s neuroscience researcher and is intimately involved in the use of our Catalyst Tools® with our clients.

judith e glaser

“The key in business is the leader's ability to enable everyone to feel like they are part of a winning team – we know this mantra in our hearts, yet making it happen is much more difficult. The CreatingWE® Institute gives leaders a roadmap for shaping the DNA of their company – creating a culture of inspired leadership & ownership of the future.”
— Judith E. Glaser


Debra Pearce-McCall

C-IQ Leader, Senior Consultant and Coach
Psychologist, Consultant & Educator

Debra Pearce-McCall PhD is a leader in integrating the science of mind and brain with the relational dimension of human life. As a Psychologist, Consultant, and “Mind Coach”, she delights in working with people interested in maximizing their leadership potential through developing their mind and relating skills. Debra is known for her impact, enthusiasm, and ability to translate wisdom from the science of being human into daily life and positive change. She has expertise in numerous methods for accelerating growth and change; and her consulting work is informed by decades of experiences as an executive, business partner, board member, clinician, and educator.

Debra was a member of the Leadership Team that co-created and delivered the 2019 WBECS C-IQ Certification for Coaches. She had worked with and completed the inaugural Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches Certification program, after a decade of collegial consulting with C-IQ originator Judith E. Glaser.

In addition to speaking internationally on leadership with the brain in mind, Debra enjoys writing on the topic. Publications include the seminal work applying interpersonal neurobiology to leadership, Mindsight at Work, co-authored with one of the field’s originators, Daniel J. Siegel, as well as several articles about C-IQ, many co-written with Judith E. Glaser. Debra is currently writing a book about human well-being and the relational neuroscience of everyday leadership.

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