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In this free 90-minute immersion training, Conversational Intelligence® founder Judith E. Glaser will share with you how to utilize the neuroscience of conversations. She will show you how to move from conversations that miss the mark, to conversations that trigger trust, growth and innovation and allow you to create a whole new level of engagement and impact with your clients.


Richard D. Glaser, PhD

President & CEO, Benchmark Communications, Inc.
Founding Member, The CreatingWE Institute

Glaser is a founding member of The CreatingWE Institute and the President of Benchmark Communications, Inc., the Institute’s sponsor, where he brings over 30 years of management experience to bear on the growth of The CreatingWE Institute and its Conversational Intelligence Initiatives.  In addition to his work with The CreatingWE Institute, he also consults with Biotechnology companies not only in management issues, but in drug development strategies, clinical drug design, and regulatory affairs. His intimate knowledge of Conversational Intelligence has enabled him to quickly build highly effective teams in all aspects of drug development.

Glaser has worked in the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Industry most of his professional career including two Fortune 500 companies where he held executive global responsibilities.  As an entrepreneur, has served as the COO and Board member of two NASDAQ companies as well as the President of the first of the major Contract Research Organizations servicing the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Glaser earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and a MS degree in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Kansas and an MS in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a BS in Chemistry from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science (now The University of Sciences).

For many years, Glaser has worked closely with a number of oncology researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center assisting in the design of their research protocols to meet the FDA’s stringent requirements for approval to market a pharmaceutical product.  Most recently Glaser has been involved in the development of genetically based oncology drugs and in the development of a more accurate diagnostics for cancer.  The development of effective cancer diagnostics and effective pharmaceuticals to treat cancer is a personal aspiration for Glaser.