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A groundbreaking coaching framework, revolutionizing the coaching industry!

In this free 90-minute immersion training, Conversational Intelligence® founder Judith E. Glaser will share with you how to utilize the neuroscience of conversations. She will show you how to move from conversations that miss the mark, to conversations that trigger trust, growth and innovation and allow you to create a whole new level of engagement and impact with your clients.


Rebecca Hahn

Executive Co-Creator of the WBECS Global Launch for Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches

Rebecca Hahn, founder of Minding Your Business is committed to guiding leaders and their teams toward systemic change and growth. Her intention is to develop leaders and teams who share a passion to make a difference in their organizations and their lives so they can embody their most powerful and authentic SELF. Most notably clients develop the “it” factor merging razor sharp intuition, illuminated leadership and deep connection with others in a thriving spirit of co-innovation. What sets her apart from others? She has developed programs and a coach approach that truly merges neuroscience, innovation and spirituality garnering sustainable transformation in the face of radical growth and change.

With a Master Degree in Somatic Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy and over three decades of fieldwork, consulting and development in the areas of mindfulness/spirituality, neuroscience, whole brain learning, design thinking strategies, creativity and neuro-innovation her work is truly rooted in a fully embodied approach to transformation. She has been known to uncover patterns in human dynamics that have been plaguing individuals and organizations for years. She coaches and facilitates with the deep understanding that the complex challenges of the 21st Century require a different kind of coaching and facilitation. With her years of study and application in such diverse areas her trainings and coach approach bring a truly holistic and full spectrum approach to coaching and facilitating.

Rebecca has developed and led national trainings in the science of spirituality, yoga and meditation. She is a professor of Human Development a speaker and national consultant. She has developed groundbreaking trainings in the areas of Trust, creativity and innovation and mindfulness. One of her greatest passions is working in the field Education and whole school transformation. Her favorite moments in life are when she is fully present and deeply connected to her clients and teams in the co-creative process.