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A groundbreaking coaching framework, revolutionizing the coaching industry!

In this free 90-minute immersion training, Conversational Intelligence® founder Judith E. Glaser will share with you how to utilize the neuroscience of conversations. She will show you how to move from conversations that miss the mark, to conversations that trigger trust, growth and innovation and allow you to create a whole new level of engagement and impact with your clients.


Ben Croft

WBECS President

Ben is an award winning marketer that specializes in the Business and Executive Coaching industry. He is President of the World Business and Executive Coach Summit, Co-Founder of Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches, Co-Founder of The Coach Master Toolkit and Founder of EthicalCoach.

Ben’s mission is to up-level the coaching industry, creating opportunities for coaches to work with the world’s top thought-leaders by delivering unique learning experiences accessible to the thriving and constantly growing global community. His most recent program, Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches is currently the fast growing methodology in the Coaching Industry that saw nearly 1,000 coaches learn with organizational anthropologist and best-selling author, Judith E. Glaser.

Ben has now embarked on his most ambitious project to date and has begun building the infrastructure for what will be An organization that will specialize in helping not for profits, charities and social enterprises to become more efficient and effective with the resources they already have through Business and Executive Coaching. The mission for this endeavor is to eventually have 65,000 coaching engagements set up annually with the aim for each to help a minimum of 100 extra people each year as a direct result of the coaching, meaning a total of 6.5 million people will be helped each year.