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Mikki introduces Judith in her interview:

"JUDITH E. GLASER started out her career at the age of 11 months when she was inducted into the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Hall of Fame for balancing on one foot on her father’s hand, Judith continues to apply her ‘balancing skills to her work with executives, and their organizations. She now calls herself anorganizational anthropologist – which means she digs around in other people’s dirt – discovers gems more valuable and worth more than their owners ever realized - and helps them reframe, reorganize, restructure, and refocus people minds, hearts and relationships so they can become more successful than they ever imagined. Judith brings out the best in people, relationships and organizations. She believes that evolution has designed us to be “WE-centric” Leaders. We know how to inspire others, we know how to collaborate, and we know how to innovate – but sometimes things goes wrong… and we find ourselves in ‘power-over’ rather than ‘power-with’ relationships.    Join us to find out the secrets that tens of thousands of leaders around the globe are learning from Judith. "

Mikki talks with Judith E. Glaser about Conversational Intelligence

Benchmark Founder & CEO, Judith E. Glaser is a frequent guest of nationally syndicated radio programs and hosts, Jim Blasingame and Amy Dorn Kopelan among others featuring Judith – her insights and expertise.

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