"Conversational Intelligence" by Judith E. Glaser: Bundles PR and Neuroscience (including mindfulness)


By Jane Genova: Speechwriter-Ghostwriter |
Published: September 24, 2013


"Conversations are multidimensional, not linear." - Judith E. Glaser, "Conversational Intelligence"

Many of us in communications have been catching bits and pieces of the breakthrough discoveries in neuroscience.  At the top of the list are mirror neurors or those Wi-Fi transmitters among humans.  We wonder how mirroring can be hammered into competitive advantages for clients.

In addition, we, along with those Silicon Valley geniuses, are practicing mindfulness or focusing on the moment.  We are finding that our work performance is better after some time on the cushion. But we don't understand why.  Here is Noah Schachtman's article in WIRED about leveraging mindfulness to get ahead. Yes, we are separating the tactics of meditation from their foundation in eastern religion. Hello Western Capitalism. 

Judith E. Glaser's new book "Conversational Intelligence" pulls that all together for us.  It's a good resource both for professionals in public relations and for laypeople who want better results from interacting.  What psychologist Dan Goleman did in the 1990s for deconstructing the dynamics of emotional intelligence, Glaser is doing for how we talk with each other.  And she rolled that out in a way which simplifies the ongoing scientific findings.  Yes, she should be writing the articles for SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. 

For example, Glaser writes in the "Introduction":

"By understanding how conversations trigger different parts of the brain, and how they either catalyze or 'freeze' our brains in protective patterns ..." 

From applying that understanding, she introduces her system - STAR Skills. The best practices are:

1. Bulding rapport

2. Listening without judgment (Mirror neurons pick up when we're assessing the speaker)

  1. Asking discovery questions

4. Reinforcing success,

5. Dramatizing the message (Many of us who discerned the value of the tactics of Creative Non Fiction have already been doing this).

Glaser is the chief executive officer of Benchmark Communications, Inc. and the Chairman of The Creating WE Institute.  Her clients range from American Express to Exxon.


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