Jon Entine

So, you think you have the gift of gab? That you’re an experienced communicator, and it’s served you well in your career? Think again. Great communication, rather than being a programmed trait, is actually a hard won skill. And learning how to master how to communicate requires a master guide. Now we have one. Judith Glaser, an internationally respected executive coach and consultant, has broken the mold with her latest book, Conversational Intelligence. She challenges myths about how we communicate, and in doing so opens us up to a vast new suite of skills that can serve us well in both our personal and professional lives. Drawing on a unique understanding of neuroscience and how the brain the works, Glaser helps us unlock the unique power that we all have within us to mold relationships and build trust—the central values necessary to expand relationships and succeed. Simply said, this book is a find.

-- Jon Entine, Executive Director, Genetic Literacy Project, George Mason University and fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC.; Author Taboo, and Abrahams’ Children.


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