Daniel H. Pink

Before you can persuade others, you need to know how to listen and how to communicate. With the best of intentions, we can fall back into patterns and old habits that are less than ideal – it’s just the way we’re wired.

Conversational Intelligence builds on the fundamental science of communication to help you achieve more attunement with others. If you’re not getting the results you want, maybe it’s time to give your 'C-IQ' a boost."

-- Daniel H. Pink, author of DRIVE and TO SELL IS HUMAN

Angela Ahrendts

In Conversational Intelligence, Judith Glaser takes us on an insightful and in-depth discovery of how the most basic human instinct TRUST which we're all born with, creates and fuels the foundation needed to transform cultures, and companies.  TRUST, at its highest level, removes self, and enables interactions and conversations to connect teams for higher performance and purpose.  Conversational Intelligence is fundamental for all of us in this hyper digital media age.

-- Angela Ahrendts, Chief Executive Officer, Burberry

Kathee Tesija

Drawing on a lifetime of insights advising America’s top executives, Judith Glaser delivers a masterful analysis of the power of conversation, sharing countless examples of how business leaders are driving change and achieving superior results by leveraging the art and science of Conversational Intelligence strategies.

-- Kathee Tesija, Executive Vice President Merchandising and Supply Chain, Target

Ed Gilligan

Conversational Intelligence is an important read for anyone looking to drive improved performance and higher growth. In her new book, Judith Glaser builds a strong case for how the science and power of conversations can markedly improve business success for both individuals and entire companies. Her approach is both practical and profound: Through trust building and level-setting the right conversations, leaders can activate higher engagement, deeper commitment and transformational results with their people, vendors and customers. A must read for all growth-oriented leaders globally!

-- Ed Gilligan, President, American Express

Oliver DeMille, Ph.D.

Judith E. Glaser's new book called Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), is a powerful new addition to the whole field of leadership. This book is as revolutionary as the contributions of Golemen, Covey or Malcolm Gladwell. The knowledge found in her book is simply vital for leaders. Those who don’t know this material will always be operating from behind. Not reading and understanding this book will be like refusing to use social media or a cell phone—it’s a true revolution in leadership.

-- Oliver DeMille, Ph.D., Author of Leadershifts and CEO of the Social Leadership Institute

Michael Levine

Conversational Intelligence is a tour de force spanning new frontiers of research and practice in organizational change.  Glaser reminds us that great leadership derives from powerful social exchange and collective solutions that are intricately woven.  Intelligence in a digital age is a new admixture: simultaneously crowd-sourced and deeply personal.

-- Michael Levine, Ph.D.; Executive Director, Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop; Co-author Pioneering Literacy in the Digital Wild West

Caryl Stern

Words are the ideas on which change is built - if we can see the world we want, we need to learn to express that vision in ways that engage others to join our movement and make it a reality. Conversational Intelligence is crucial for that to happen!"

-- Caryl Stern; President and CEO, U.S. Fund for UNICEF; Author, I Believe in Zero: Learning from the World's Children

Kevin Cashman

Brilliant! Judith Glaser breaks new ground with Conversational Intelligence. Moving us closer to Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Learning Intelligence (LI) by leveraging the power of Conversational Intelligence (CI), she gives us the profoundly practical tools to integrate learning, emotion and connected conversations into one seamless, life-changing and leadership-inspiring process. She is truly the ‘Guru of WE’!

-- Kevin Cashman, Best Selling Author of The Pause Principle and Leadership from the Inside Out, Sr. Partner – CEO & Executive Development, Korn/Ferry International

Jane Stevenson

If each of us used and embodied the principles of conversational intelligence conveyed by Glaser in this book, it would not only create winning outcomes for businesses, it would change the world!  This is a must read for anyone who wants to have major impact in the world, and especially for those in leadership.  The concept of Level 3 Conversation is a total game changer!

-- Jane Stevenson, Vice Chairman Board and CEO Services, Korn/Ferry International and Co-Author of best seller, "Breaking Away - How Great Leaders Create Innovation that Drives Sustainable Growth and Why Others Fail"

Alessa Quane

In her new book, Conversational Intelligence, Judith E. Glaser provides tools that help understand what is going on in our conversations with one another and how to elevate our Conversational Intelligence. Conversations that facilitate connectivity with others enables us to activate our higher executive functions to help build common goals throughout an organization. Conversational Intelligence is a must-read for everyone in an organization driving for high quality relationships, shared success and strengthening the organization's ability to make good decisions.

-- Alessa Quane, Chief Risk Officer, AIG

Stephen Mathey

Judith Glaser’s approach to conversational intelligence is a must read for leaders of all levels.  Her advice and insights about the Three Levels of Conversation will change the way you lead, as well as influence your perspectives on communication with employees, peers, customers and even family.  Finally a book on conversations that is practical, innovative and transformation all in one!

-- Stephen Mathey, Vice President Finance, American Express Co.

Randall P. White

A guide to get beyond difficult conversations, Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results offers a detailed description of how to move conversation through the four most important questions any leader can ask and answer for her team: from "Who am I?” to “Who are you?” to “Who are we?” to “Where are we going?”  It is an essential primer for honing the highest level of conversational skill, a cornerstone for trust-based leadership.

-- Randall P. White, Ph.D.; Founding Partner, Executive Development Group LLC; Head of Leadership EMBA, HEC Paris; Faculty, Duke Corporate Education; Co-author of Relax, It's Only Uncertainty

C. D. "Hoop" Morgan, III

What a wonderful and groundbreaking piece of work!!!  When you complete reading this book, you will realize it is so much more than a "game changer"… It is a very powerful mind changer. Conversational Intelligence™ will change your basic thinking/preparation in how to create healthy conversations that will literally evolve your life trajectory to the highest levels of personal and interpersonal effectiveness and success. I have witnessed Judith's work, as an organizational anthropologist, for over 30 years and can assure you this is her best work yet…

-- C. D. "Hoop" Morgan, III, Founder/Chairman, The Forte Institute, LLC

Sandra L. Shullman, Ph.D.

In a world with increasingly more information and often less relatedness, Judith Glaser has written a primer on taking our daily conversations from typically superficial transactions to transform the world around us.  Using neuroscience, social science research and a dose of folk wisdom, Conversational Intelligence presents models, tools and examples relevant to enhancing any part of our professional and personal communication lives.  

-- Sandra L. Shullman, Ph.D.; Managing Partner, Executive Development Group, LLC

Jon Entine

So, you think you have the gift of gab? That you’re an experienced communicator, and it’s served you well in your career? Think again. Great communication, rather than being a programmed trait, is actually a hard won skill. And learning how to master how to communicate requires a master guide. Now we have one. Judith Glaser, an internationally respected executive coach and consultant, has broken the mold with her latest book, Conversational Intelligence. She challenges myths about how we communicate, and in doing so opens us up to a vast new suite of skills that can serve us well in both our personal and professional lives. Drawing on a unique understanding of neuroscience and how the brain the works, Glaser helps us unlock the unique power that we all have within us to mold relationships and build trust—the central values necessary to expand relationships and succeed. Simply said, this book is a find.

-- Jon Entine, Executive Director, Genetic Literacy Project, George Mason University and fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC.; Author Taboo, and Abrahams’ Children.

Bud Bilanich

Judith E. Glaser is the most creative thinker I know.  In Conversational Intelligence she breaks new ground exploring how meaningful authentic conversations have the power to create high performing organizations.  Using ideas from the neuroscience of human interaction and some good old-fashioned common sense, Judith shows leaders how they can create a corporate culture in which all members are open to change, growth and innovation.  Conversational Intelligence is THE leadership book of the year.  If you’re serious about building a high performing organization you need to read it and apply its powerful ideas.

-- Bud Bilanich; The Common Sense Guy; Author of 4 Secrets of High Performing Organizations and Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Mark Monchek

In the new world of business, where collaboration and trust is replacing competition and fear CONVERSATIONAL INTELLIGENCE provides a roadmap for healthy, collaborative relationships. Using new breakthroughs in neuroscience,CONVERSATIONAL INTELLIGENCE provides a practical, step by step approach for turning conflict into cooperation and innovation. Global corporations have used CI to turn from failing to thriving in months rather than years. This is a must read for business leaders and change agents; Change your conversations, Change your business, Change your life.

-- Mark Monchek, Chief Opportunity Officer, The OPPS LAB

Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.

Judith E. Glaser’s years of studying and experience as an executive coach in large companies have brought her profound insights that coalesced into this book of effective strategies underpinned by science and the wisdom of her own heart. Every executive, manager and coach can benefit from understanding and developing Conversational Intelligence.

-- Deborah Rozman, Ph.D. and CEO of Institute of HeartMath

Gus Halas,

Judith E. Glaser has done it one more time! With each book, article or lecture she provides a new foundation on how we can be successful in any endeavor we pursue. This time its Conversational Intelligence. She teaches us how to perfect the most fundamental aspect of communication; which is conversation.

Conversational skills are most basic foundation in business, in familial situations, or relationships. As someone that has relied his entire career on developing successful teams that need to be analyzed, motivated, molded and developed into cohesive high performance teams; I know the value of conversation. (I only wish I had this book available earlier in my career.) It is the quintessential book on perfecting conversational skills.

-- Gus Halas, Board of Directors, Central Garden & Pet Company; Senior Advisor & Partner, Private Equity Group 

Ben Dattner, Ph.D.

Judith E. Glaser has written yet another brilliant book. To read Conversational Intelligence is to have an inspiring conversation with the author herself, considering together with her how the conversations we have with one another and ourselves determine what we think, what we do, and how successful we and the teams and organizations that we work in and lead are, and will be. After reading this important new book, you will approach every conversation you have in a new, more nuanced, and more constructive manner. Glaser makes a convincing case that conversational intelligence provides the foundation of success for individuals, working relationships, teams and organizations, and this book teaches us how to make that foundation strong and enduring so that we can all successfully build upon it.

-- Ben Dattner, Ph.D., organizational psychologist and author of The Blame Game: How the hidden rules of credit and blame determine our success or failure

Michael J. Stabile, Ph.D

In my experience there are books that stimulate the mind, there are books that inspire the heart, and there are books that give practical tools for application. However, it is rare when you find a book that captivates the heart, stimulates higher levels of thinking and reflection, and provide practical tools for immediate use. Conversational Intelligence by Judith Glaser is one of those rare books. Her wisdom and insight draws the reader into the “heart” of her message: "To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversations." I would highly recommend anyone who is in a leadership role, a teacher, a spouse, and a parent to read and apply Conversational Intelligence to every relationship, encounter, meeting, and training. This book is a conversation, a conversation into transforming relationships and cultures one person at a time.

-- Michael J. Stabile, Ph.D.,Clinical professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Human Resource Development, Xavier University, and Founder/President of FutureNow Consulting, LLC.

Joan Lawrence-Ross

If you want to be a powerful conversation architect, be more effective in forming alliances, build trusting relationships and learn how to connect with anyone then Judith Glaser’s “Conversational Intelligence” is a must read. Judith dissects the science of conversations while raising awareness on barriers that get in the way of leadership effectiveness.  After reading this book you will be armed with new thinking guaranteed to have a positive impact on your approach to future conversations.

-- Joan Lawrence-Ross, Chief Learning Officer, AIG

The Honorable Mary K. Bush

In modern-day businesses that operate across continents, cultures or vast generational differences, a mere turn of phrase can mean conflict, chaos and wasted resources.  Glaser's new book, Conversational Intelligence, will help leaders at all levels learn to engage their heads and hearts to generate trusting relationships that drive their companies to being really great local and global players.

-- The Honorable Mary K. Bush, Corporate Director and International Business and Capital Markets Advisor.

Ryan Smith

Judith E. Glaser’s new book, Conversational Intelligence, encapsulates the importance of transparency to building respectful relationships that are founded on mutual understanding. In my organization, radical transparency is a core tenet of our business. Glaser’s method supports our practiced philosophy of transparency, but boils it down to the conversational level, making this a practical guide to helping individual employees, teams, leaders and organizations work toward mutually agreed upon success.

-- Ryan Smith, co-founder and CEO, Qualtrics; contributor to The Wall Street Journal and named one of Forbes’ “America’s Most Promising CEOs Under 35” for 2013. 


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