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"Just Say It!"

What a fascinating interview with Judith Glaser, bestselling author of "Conversational Intelligence," CEO of Benchmark Communications, Organizational Anthropologist and founder of the "CreatingWE Institute, Judith tells us how we can communicate more effectively through having a higher awareness of what we are saying and by being increasingly open to our environment around us. We can become more effective and successful in life and business by just working on how we present ourselves as leaders through simple conversation. It's that easy, and Judith gives us the insider's view on how to do just that. Judith appears regularly on CBS, NBC and FOX News and writes for Psychology Today, Huffington Post and C-Suite. You can buy Judith's book "Conversational Intelligence" on Amazon.com

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Fran-TarkentonSerial entrepreneur and NFL Hall-of-Famer, Fran Tarkenton interviews Judith E. Glaser as part of a mentoring series offered to the 47,000+ members of his entrepreneur coaching website, GoSmallBiz.com


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