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The Innovative Leadership Program

First time leaders to C-suite executives have identified with Gregory’s story – now you can learn and use Gregory’s leadership secret, too!

Created by Judith E. Glaser, author of Creating We and The DNA of Leadership, each in-depth, Gregory Goose  Leadership Program encompasses an innovative workshop, animated video, comprehensive Facilitator's Guide and PowerPoint presentation. The Leadership Secret of Gregory Goose is a fresh way to understand how sharing power releases leadership instincts in others.

The Learning Objectives of Gregory Goose workshop are:

  • Identify the difference between old leadership and new leadership (positional power vs. relational power).
  • Define key terms: co-creating, power-over, power-with, inclusion, (Co-creating Conversations® and leadershift).
  • Examine feelings and beliefs about leadership and how to make the shift from power-over to power-with leadership.
  • Create inclusive Co-creating Conversations® and practices in the workplace to strengthen relationships with direct reports, peers and colleagues and to achieve business results.
  • Develop an action plan for expanding inclusive and co-creative leadership practices and conversations in the workplace.

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