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“To get to the next level of greatness, depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of the relationships, which depends on the quality of the conversations. Everything happens through conversations!”

Judith E. Glaser
Benchmark Communications, Inc.
CEO & Founder

Conversations with Mikki

mikki-williams-350-squareJudith reveals some unique, rarely heard insights into the origin of the C-IQ book.

NPR Radio Cincinnati

hdr-logo-wvxu-01Judith E. Glaser, and Dr. Michael Stabile, clinical professor with Xavier University’s Department of Educational Leadership and Human Resource Development join Mark Perzel on Cincinnati Edition to discuss Conversational Intelligence. The approach to communicating effectively, developed by Ms. Glaser,  is being used in boardrooms and classrooms across the country.


Author of HBR's #1 most read blog in March

hooked-on-being-right-hbrYour Brain is Hooked on Being Right
I'm sure it's happened to you: You're in a tense team meeting trying to defend your position on a big project and start to feel yourself losing ground. Your voice gets louder…Read more


Fran Tarkenton

Fran-TarkentonSerial entrepreneur and NFL Hall-of-Famer, Fran Tarkenton interviews Judith E. Glaser as part of a mentoring series offered to the 47,000+ members of his entrepreneur coaching website,

Video Interviews: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Audio Interviews:
The worst behavior for leaders is addiction to being right
Can You Get Addicted to Being Right?
How Great Leaders Encourage Introverts
Secrets to a Great Conversation


What makes a conversation successful?


Join CBS This Morning to learn about what makes a conversation successful.

Trust & Distrust


Judith E. Glaser talks with professors from Temple University about trust, distrust and conversations at the moment of contact. Click the image below to watch the video.